Ham It Up

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This couple was a blast to shoot with! What’s your favorite shot?

For Fashion’s Sake

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Fashion for fashion’s sake. Sometimes it’s just fun to dress up and model cool clothes. Let me know if you’ve ever wanted to be a fashion model for a day. I know all the steps to check it off your bucket list!

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I had a great time shooting in Iceland! It was a magical place, it almost felt like I was on another planet. I suggest you all visit someday! Enjoy this one.iceland

The Bikini Challenge

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I’m currently working on a new top secret project with Valerie Orsoni. Here’s a cover option for the workout regiment! What do you think?blue2

The Beauty In Everything

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The most challenging part about Wedding photography is that you have to make things look fantastic no matter what the situation is. It’s a lot different than a fashion shoot where you can setup for 5 hours. Weddings are moving quickly and are unpredictable.

This challenge I speak of is the very reason I fell in love with this career. You have to be quick and it really tests your true ability to find the beauty in every scene. When I enter a room, I’m instantly searching for something to work with.

You might be surprised but these four pictures below were shot in your average dark motel room. I tossed the comforter on the floor, tucked in the sheet and worked with the standard mirror on the wall.

Never forget that life is what you make of it so find the beauty in everything._R0A9658 copy


Ros Behzadi

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I had a great time with the emerging artist  Ros Behzadi in Halfmoon Bay this month!

Ros was moved to draw at the age of 8 and continued through high school as a hobby. Formally educated in Computer Science, she is currently a Sr Leader at a technology company in Silicon Valley. Around 2007 she reconnected with her passion and her desire to create and began a home studio where she could practice her art. A true cosmopolitan and grateful for the opportunity to travel to many worldwide destinations throughout her life, Ros uses the places she visits and the peoples she meets as inspiration and subject matter for her craft. She uses oils, charcoal and mixed media for her paintings.

She is the founder of Ros Art Gallery with the goal of connecting artists and art enthusiasts across the world and is currently based in the Bay Area of California.6p8a9170-2-copy-web

Maternity Session

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The lighting is beautiful in Santa Cruz, CA. I feel very lucky to live where I live. If you’re looking for a photographer I travel all over the world so don’t be shy to ask!print6.jpg