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I had a great time with George and Glenda at Nestledown last weekend. They had a spectacular Wedding, I was very happy to be a part of the celebration! Congrats Guys!


Spring in California

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This year has been wild! Tons of rain and tons of  plant growth. I’ve been seeing at least 10x the amount of flowers and along with that bugs as well. I guess they call it a super bloom. I had a great time with the lush hills this spring, take a look! 6P8A2496 copy

I Love California

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I know I’m a native so it’s unfair to judge, but I’ll say it anyways. . . California rocks! 6P8A5757 copy

Ham It Up

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This couple was a blast to shoot with! What’s your favorite shot?

For Fashion’s Sake

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Fashion for fashion’s sake. Sometimes it’s just fun to dress up and model cool clothes. Let me know if you’ve ever wanted to be a fashion model for a day. I know all the steps to check it off your bucket list!

6P8A5634 copy6P8A5577 copy6P8A5678 copy


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I had a great time shooting in Iceland! It was a magical place, it almost felt like I was on another planet. I suggest you all visit someday! Enjoy this one.iceland

The Bikini Challenge

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I’m currently working on a new top secret project with Valerie Orsoni. Here’s a cover option for the workout regiment! What do you think?blue2