Picture Atlantic KickStarter Video

Had the privilege of creating a short film on Picture Atlantic to help them raise money for their next album. They are an amazing group, and work super hard to create some awesome tunes! If you have a moment please support them, they are making most of their merchandise by hand, each item is unique! In 2012 this is the best way to promote creative people! Make sure to check out their KickStarter Page


We live in a strange digital age. Protests. Smart phones. Riots. Bad Economy. Loss of focus. Digitized social structure. The Internet. Information overload. Excess. Surplus. Not enough. Generational identity crisis. Social Justice. Boredom. Facebook Blues. Over excitement. This is Digital Tension.

Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you, our second full length album: Digital Tension. Digital Tension is an album influenced by our current times, and will be recorded during the middle of May, 2012, and the first half of June, 2012. It’s official release date will be July 14th, 2012.  It will feature 12 tracks of brand new original material. Producing and engineering the record will be the amazing Aaron Hellam, who helped us produce and engineer both our albums Kleos and When Everything Is Numbers. One really exciting factor in this album is that we will also be recording the album with some new techniques and studio approaches to give the album a more live and raw feel. Not only in this way will the sound of the band as a whole be brand spanking new, but the sound of the album itself will explore some new soundscapes!

This Kickstarter project will fund the recording process of the album, and will also help us press the record in its Download card format. Already $1,000 of the bands own money has been put forward to get the project rolling, and we need your help to get to the finish line! The money from this project will help us pay the remaining money, and also mastering costs for the album. A big part of this album is the hands on nature of the creation process. Not only will all the album artwork be made by the band, but all goodies involved in the project (besides download cards) will be created by the group as well! This includes Physical CD’s and T-Shirts!

If you choose to make a donation, you’ll be able to experience the album process through video blogs, acoustic videos of new tracks, sneak peeks, and special band interviews to the Kickstarter project, which will be exclusively for your eyes only as a backer to the project! That means you get the 411 on the album as it is happening!

Music is a complete passion for us, and we are incredibly excited to get this album underway, and more importantly into your hands, and finally your ears! The band has been following this unique path we have chosen for a while now, and all along the way, we have been able to do what we do thanks to the support, love, and help of our fans, family, and friends. All of us would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this, and also say that we’re even more excited that this time around we can be involved in a more personal way with everyone!

Buckle up. We promise it will be a wild ride.

-Nik, Ryan, Daniel, & Brian


~ by adb23 on May 2, 2012.

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