The Voyage Has Ended!

It’s been an unforgettable month to say the least… I traveled for 78 hours on trains, planes and buses, I visited 7 countries and 11 cities and took 120 gigs of photos. I ate at least 20 new types of food, learned more history than I ever did during school, and was inspired by so many great artists. I’ll miss europe, but I can honestly say, it’s nice to be home 🙂 I stumbled across this painting and it reminded me of my memory of my travels to Europe. The painting is called “Winter Landscape” by Hendrick Avercamp, I hope you like it. 


~ by adb23 on March 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Voyage Has Ended!”

  1. For anyone interested, the painting is Winter Landscape by Hendrick Avercamp

  2. Hello Aaron, really happy to see the picture of ‘de Stomme van Kampen’ on your nice website. I really enjoyed all your photo’s.
    Did you know that the painter of this painting , Hendrick Averkamp (1585-1634), was deaf and dumm and everybody thought he was mad because he didn’t understand the world. His mum discovered that he could communicate by drawing. With lots of patience she taught him to communicate and learn things, and because she used drawings he started drawing too. When he was about twelve she send him to a local drawing teacher, because she thought he’d better for him learn to make portrets so sell then to become a tramp. Because he was deaf, he could not hear himself and he made strange noises, so people were a bit afraid of him. His dad was the local apotheker (medicines etc) but died in a pest epidemie, as did his two brothers.
    He lived in Amsterdam for a few years to learn to paint with some big names at the time, but could not deal with the hecticness of the city and moved back to Kampen
    Now his paintings are all over the world. He is burried in the big church here in Kampen, the town that he lived in most of his life.
    I hope you enjoyed your trip in Europe, the pictures look good!
    Good luck and
    Greetings from Anna Boellaard, Kampen, the Netherlands

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