An Artist?

The thing I love most about art is the freedom involved when creating.This is the first piece of a series of metallic based artwork that I’m creating. This is a 60×60 inch piece of aluminum, I think it’s pretty 🙂 I love finding a texture or composition and creating a piece of art, I almost feel guilty sometimes, like I’m stealing from nature. What is an artist? I’m starting to think artists are people who take things and create something of their own from different materials. I know Duchamp asked this same question when he started signing urinals, of course he was pushing the concept pretty far with that. What do you guys think the basis of creating is? What’s an artist? 


~ by adb23 on August 13, 2011.

One Response to “An Artist?”

  1. An artist is someone who creates something for it’s own sake — something to be enjoyed becuase it’s cool, beautiful, crazy, etc.

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