The Designer

I had the pleasure of taking a portrait of Agnes Moser today (an awesome interior designer ) The 20 foot ceilings at my new studio really make my life a lot easier. This was a quick light setup, and even with the large spill light modifiers, the room kept the light direction very well. Can’t wait to start working with some cool colored backdrops and sets. 


~ by adb23 on August 7, 2011.

One Response to “The Designer”

  1. Hi there, my name is steven.. i live in NYC.. i stumble upon this headshots of Agnes Moser. I know agnes moser when i used to live and work together in San francisco around 1998 i think.. then she left SF and lost contact.. I’m just wondering if you know where i can contact this lady and check if she’s the one i’ve been looking for.. or if you would call her and let her know that i inquiring for her.. She might not be the good friend that i’m looking for but want to give it a shot.. She certainly have the look and smile i remember frm over 10 years ago..

    I can be contacted by email or my cell phone 347 251 1931

    Thank you so much for posting this pic..

    warm regard


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