Sunnyvale Art Show August 5th! ( 7-10pm )

Sunnyvale Art Gallery

251 West El Camino Real

I’ve always wanted to create an event that combines all types of artists, Painters, Musicians, Sculptures, anyone and everyone that spends time creating things for others to see or hear. A few weeks ago a like minded individual and myself decided is was time to make something happen. Since then we’ve been working our butts off to pull together a great group of artists, make a website, and secure a venue! Just like anything in life, it takes a lot of time and I’m not expecting a huge crowd, but with persistence and hard work I’m pretty sure that soon we’ll have a great event to be proud of. I’ll be creating a Blumenbooth ( Photobooth ) and will be having on site printing, I’ll also be showing a decent amount of work along with several other artists! We’ll be having a local cook ( Opera Girl Cooks ) and three bands! (Goodbye Gadget, The Connies and Curious Quail.) It’ll be $8 ( to cover the rental fee for the venue ) Please come, enjoy some art, listen to some music, get your photo taken! It’s a great way to show your local artists some love, and it’s way more supportive than the like button of FB, haha 😉 I’m guilty of that too don’t worry! Anyways I hope to see you there, and if not this time, I’ll see you in September! The website is almost finished! Here is a preview! 

~ by adb23 on July 19, 2011.

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