Free Hand Made Jewelry!

The first 12 people to follow the steps below will each receive one pair of handmade earrings from Glass Moon Designs.

Step one – Become a fan on my Facebook page

Step two – Click the Share Button

Step three – Tell your friends to check out my page!

Step four – Send a link to your homepage with the post visible and your name and address to

Step five – Enjoy your handcrafted earrings!

Glass Moon Designs produces hand-made jewelry of the finest quality, using high end materials and an innovative, nature-inspired design approach. Each item is hand-crafted by a single person (that’s me) from start to finish, assuring a true artisan attention to detail and quality. Our jewelry is made to be worn and used regularly, and is guaranteed to last for years with frequent use.

In line with our nature inspired design aesthetic, our materials include recycled silver and gold, vintage and antique chains and findings, fossils, semi-precious stones both rough and faceted, and other natural materials such as wood, bone, and sustainably harvested corals that have died naturally and washed up on the beach.

Our designs are typically one-offs, and a number of special design collections, inspired by themes and places–like Jamaica or the Ocean in Winter, are produced each year. Glass Moon Designs also regularly and happily accepts custom design commissions for jewelry with a true personal touch. We frequently bring this personal touch to bridal jewelry and gifts, including items for the bride, bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we work hard to maintain reasonable prices, and are very proud to offer jewelry of the highest quality at a variety of price-points. We bring this same enthusiasm for affordable quality to our custom and bridal orders, and are willing to work to bring our clients designs they adore  within their budgets, whether they are large or small.


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