” The Pendulum Swings ” (2011)

“As of now, time is something we have no control over, this piece examines time and decay. Even with the absence of  leaves your impact will continue for decades”

I take thousands of photos a year in hopes that maybe one day, like a solar eclipse, all the right elements will align. When I found this location I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like walking into a Tim Burton movie. I wanted to create interaction between the scene and Ashley so I decided to do an actual action shot of her pulling the last clock up. It was really hard to get the clocks to pull up, the friction of the bark almost broke the string we used. Black Lotus clothing actually designed this specifically for this shoot, she’s an amazing designer please check out her work. I have a bunch of close up shots as well, for all you fashionistas out there, don’t worry! I really hope you like this image.


~ by adb23 on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “” The Pendulum Swings ” (2011)”

  1. Love it! Did you have to photoshop out your light source for the model?

  2. Very Dali…

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