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I’ve noticed that I’ve only been wanting to post really amazing, unique work lately. I’ve been feeling like I’m boring people with day to day work! The reality is, this is more of a journal, a way to share day to day work. It’s not a portfolio, it’s just a way for me to share random things throughout the week. Do you think it’d be better to only post the most interesting job of the week, or is it fun to see what’s happening even if it’s just a portrait of a doctor or family? Let me know your thoughts! Below is a shot of a family portrait I took off of Page Mill road, I was so lucky be able to shoot in the fog, it’s such a great diffused light source and it really only takes one light to get a nice image. Hope you like it!


~ by adb23 on January 28, 2011.

One Response to “Your Opinion”

  1. It’s a wonderful shot!! You really captured them beautifully. And I like that you use your blog as a journal, it allows me to go back at the end of the week when I haven’t been to your blog in a while and I have lots of fun images to go through. 🙂 I do the same exact thing on my blog. I post lots of photos that are good but not amazing, just because I took it and it’s fun to share. And it’s so funny because I constantly get people pointing at ones that I think are “so-so” and they say “I LOVE that!! I want that one!!” People’s tastes are so different and you never know what people are going to like or not like. But with a blog, you have more flexibility to post whatever you want and people have more of an opportunity to see the variety of your work.

    Personally, I love the unique variety of stuff you post, I never know what I’m going to see – portraits, or a beautiful landscape shot, or whatever you’ve been up to. And you have such a way of bringing out all the right aspects of each photo – texture and shape and color – so that it morphs into a truly stunning image. I am constantly inspired by your work. So thank you for just doing what you do so well!! 😀

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