I love the feeling of space, an infinite realm. I could see why once upon a time, before airplanes and satellites we thought the earth was flat, never ending. Sometimes I wish we still thought that, I feel like our world is shrinking everyday. I wonder if someday our technology will take away the wonders of space and time, we are progressing insanely fast.

~ by adb23 on December 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Infinite”

  1. I feel that way sometimes. I wonder if technology is taking too much away from us by giving us too much. I look that the technology that’s currently being developed like flying cars and quantum computers and think to myself, when I am old I am going to be telling my grandkids one day, “yeah, when I was a kid we actually had to use cell phones to call each other, and we still needed computers.” Meanwhile they’ll be living their life through holograms. It’s mind boggling how quickly things are changing around us.

  2. Very profound…

    This reminds me of a Dali painting for some reason

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