My Philosophy

I’d say my philosophy behind wedding photography is pretty simple, but maybe backwards compared to other photographers. For me setting up the technical part of the scene comes first; aligning the composition, making sure the color and tones are cohesive, and setting up the lighting. The next step is building a relationship with my subject, I like to make sure they feel comfortable around me, and know that I’m actually having a great time and love how things are going. The last step would be to capture a moment of honest interaction, a special fraction of a second. That’s the aspect about photography that always intrigues me, 1/160 of a second is an almost impossible to understand, we live for years and years and as good as our memories are, we will always forget details. We live in a world where change comes without notice, everyday shadows travel across our path, flowers and leaves move to find more sun, things become weathered and others are renewed. I feel that photography provides a clear window to remember the past, it helps recall that fraction of a second, that was once so vivid and current. 


~ by adb23 on November 30, 2010.

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