” Best of the Bay 2010 “

I am very excited to have been selected to compete in this contest, only 9 photographers are chosen per County. The catch is that I can only display 2 images… I’m going to need everyones help.. If you could leave a comment with your two favorite images from the selection below that’d really help me! Thanks so much! Number system is like a book, top left  to top right starting with 1, continuing down to around 44.


~ by adb23 on September 9, 2010.

12 Responses to “” Best of the Bay 2010 “”

  1. Definitely Sassy
    After that I like #3, #10 and #26

  2. 8 is one of my all time favorites but for bridal images, my vote is 14 and 23.

  3. 14 (high rise) and 15 (fans and parasols) are my faves, with 8 (the swing) as a runner up

  4. My faves in order


  5. 15 and 44 are my top picks.

  6. #21 & #26, with #14 coming in a close third. These have the best combination of technical excellence, interaction with the camera, pose and emotion. Best of luck!

  7. 14=) Not biased or anything! and 18. Good Luck!!

  8. My favorites are 12, 14 and 23

  9. Love your work! Cheers RichardAlois

  10. 10 and 35 are my favorites! Good luck Aaron =)

  11. #2 & 14 are my husband’s favorite.

    #2 is simple but very cute.
    #14 is just wow. 🙂

  12. 14 and 18 are my definite faves. the lighting and originality are amazing. love your photos! good luck!

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