Photography is one of those activities that rarely gives you an end product in the way you originally imagined it… I always love looking back at the original sketches that I’ve made and laugh, sometimes the end result is such a disaster that the original idea can be used at a later date. This was definitely one of those shoots, I made a mistake of pouring paint into the wind and forgetting sand bags. My lights ended up falling onto Ashley while the paint splattered all over the wardrobe and went into her hair. I only actually snapped off four pictures before cursing at the weather, and my lack of foresight. On a positive note, this photoshoot really started an interesting stream of thought, a concept of allowing for chance and letting go of control. I feel that allowing things to morph and change could be the basis of creativity, her facial expression, the weather, the rushed composition,were all triggered by error.


~ by adb23 on August 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Disaster”

  1. This picture is crazy.. it’s like it’s raining paint just on her!

  2. above bonnie doon, no doubt.

    love this pic.

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