The Next Movement

I always wonder about the next photo movement…. what will it be? Are we in it right now? Am I in a movement that will be easily classified in history books? I guess only time will tell. Technology is changing photography in  such a strange way, photo manipulation, vector images, where will we draw the line between photography and illustration? At this point in time, the HDR look is getting very very popular, things are looking like cartoons and in a way the processing isn’t that far away from being a cartoon, perfectly smooth colors and gradients almost in blocks. Photographers like Greenberg really started this trend, and if you watch them process images they spend way more time on the computer then the actual shoot took. I wonder if we’ll look back someday and laugh, I wonder if this is just a trend? Do we really want to view life in an artificial way or will the unruly shadows and skin imperfections become our only link to reality. Sorry for the rambling! Just a thought I had…


~ by adb23 on July 29, 2010.

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