300 Hours Later…

While editing photos I came across a project that I did a few years ago and had to share. I did this project for an installation class in college and I must say,  it turned into quite the ordeal… At the time I was obsessed with the “Core” Image and visual anomalies, I couldn’t stop reading about the human eye and how our brain can decode positive and negative space. I also started delving into how a digital image can be broken down into it’s most basic form, individual pixels, which led to endless project concepts. I spend hours and hours trying to figure out a way to convert an image from color to black and white using the natural force of the wind, it wasn’t a quick process at all. Eventually I not only figured out how to build each component to enable the saturation change, I accidentally figured out a way to allow the image to change it’s saturation level at an almost fluid rate. I ended up building an 18 foot tall image that morphed from color to black and white with nothing more than the wind. It took over 300 man hours and some great friends, It had more technical difficulties than I ever thought  possible, but It was to be expected on the first attempt! Thanks Jason, Ashley, Alex and Andrew!


~ by adb23 on May 19, 2010.

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