Interview and Photo Session With Inu

“Download the new single ‘Stephen Colbert’ free until Feb 1 on Inu’s website
1. What were your major influences when writing the album?

my influences on this album really had nothing to do with music at all. the songs are came about as I was doing research for a film about various environmental, human rights, and political problems that most people dont even know bout. the songs are all about different aspects of how our modern society is broken. none of the songs are about me. it sounds incredibly pretentious but in a way this album ended up being a concept album (which is something I usually joke about!)

2. Why the name Inu?

its short and sweet

3. Who are your top favorite artists (music)


4. What is your favorite venue you’d played at (not just Inu but in general)

irving plaza in NY and the 930 club in DC are also great but Bimbos is one of a kind.

5. Do you like cats or dogs better and why

Dogs. Inu means dog in japanese

6. Where do you think music is heading?

music stylistically is of course becoming more and more eclectic. the music industry unfortunately is becoming less and less diverse. Most people dont realize just how bad the current state of affairs is in the music world. The means of distribution in music was always dominated by a few powerful, incredibly lame companies. The internet has actually made this worse. Now the entire industry is over 90% dominated by one single company. It is of course very bad for any industry to be monopolized to this degree. Luckily Itunes is at least transparent with their accounting and dont try to screw artists. But there are quite a few important things that Itunes doesnt do that are very problematic. Having some real competition in the industry would make Itunes step up to make things better.

7. How do you keep motivated to produce more music?

by not thinking about it. when I actually make things I make sure not to think about it. When I am not producing, I of course think about the industry and wonder why in the hell anyone would be involved with such fucked up people and businesses. some of the lamest people on the planet chose to be in the music business because they think it will be a cool, fun, and easy job and they wont have to wake up early. Are these the people you really want in control of your livelihood? Hell no. I love music and have a sincere passion for it. But the more I think about the people and the industry surrounding it, the less likely I am to want to produce music. Luckily the relatively small amount of real music fans almost make up for the rest of them. I say almost because at least for now they dont financially contribute enough to make up for the rest of the population who seem to think that music isnt worth the same price you’d pay for chewing gum

8. How do you think SF music scene compares to other cities?

musically its good. great innovative tech people and some great musicians. the music community however is quite bad. its very disconnected. Seattle is the best music city. Radio, retail stores, fans, and venues are very connected and help each other. in san francisco people are way too busy trying to be cool and different. SF could learn a lot from analyzing the Seattle music community. One thing SF does have is amazing venues and lots of them. Unfortunately, you gotta draw at least 500-1000 people in order to play at them.

9. Why is the art work very dark/grungy, I’ve also noticed that the photography style you are going for also follows those trends, does that play a part with the image of Inu?

it just fits the feel of the music somehow. I’m a big design and art guy. thats what I studied in college. Even back then the things that appealed to me were not clean. there’s always a layer of noise in the art and music I like. I really dont know why

10. What was your favorite questions so far?

this one

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