The Architect…

Had a great/informative time shooting at a local farm in Mountain View, while walking out to the old barn we were stopped by an older, very distraught man, who informed us that his property has been repeatedly vandalized in the last year. His family lost the property because of outrageous property taxes ( a thousand dollars a day). It’s sad to see the property go, it’s been a big part of Mountain View’s Culture for many years. We all remember the fruit stand, and seasonal setups, including a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm. It was very touching to hear his story. He ended up allowing me onto the property which was kind, so enjoy the pictures. It’ll soon turn into 50 houses with 5 foot backyards, so if you have a chance go take a last look before it’d gone.barn_2Mother's HouseIMG_5551 copy

~ by adb23 on September 16, 2009.

One Response to “The Architect…”

  1. Sad story, but great photos. Great control of the lighting. What type of flash did you use and how did you place it?

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