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Nakamichi is making one of the best sound bars I’ve ever heard! I went to Hong Kong to experience the Shockwafe first hand and I was blown away. The sound fills the entire room which is surprising considering it’s only a front bar, two surround speakers and a subwoofer. The new product Shockwafe is coming out soon and I suggest you consider it, although less known then Vizio or Bose, it’s hands down much better than the competition.  The funny part is I was hired to shoot the product here in the Bay Area, but during the session they wanted me to jump in and model for a few random pictures. It ended up being the one on the packaging. Pretty hilarious.



Save the Date Session In Goleta

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I had a great time working on a save the date image with this wonderful couple! Goleta is an amazing place to shoot, it’s about 10 miles North of Santa Barbara and where UCSB is located. It has a magical butterfly grove ( where this image was taken ), endless beaches and beautiful cliff side views. You really can’t go wrong shooting at the coast in Goleta! Next time you’re driving to LA from SF take 101 and stop by!EDIT

His name is Ted.

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Had a blast with the Newells at the beach with their newest member of the family. I think Ted is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, look how well he posed! Christmas Edit v2.jpg

Oculus Founders

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I had a great time with the Founders from Oculus! They were a great group to shoot, very fun and creative. EnjoyEdit1

Mount Koya, Japan

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Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! This December I realized that life has gotten so incredible busy with work that I’ve completely stopped posting on my blog! That being said, I’ve made it my New Years resolution to get posting again, so here is a shot from my current trip in Japan!

Mount Koya wasn’t easy to travel to, I had to go on several different trains, a cable car and a bus but it was well worth it! I’m currently writing this post from a Buddhist temple where in a few hours I’ll be doing morning prayer! What an experience! I hope you enjoy the image!

Mount Koya


A San Francisco Treat

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I had a great time last week in SF shooting for these love birds! Can’t wait to photograph their Wedding this year!

XR0A8140 copy

Love in the South of France

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I had such a great time with Phuong and Ben in France! It was a magical experience to say the least. sXR0A5819_20_21_22_23_24_tonemapped copy copy


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