Fall Leaves

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Fall is always full of family photos. I love when people spend the time to capture each year and share their beautiful family with their loved ones! It’s easy to skip it, but time goes by so quickly, I think the 30-60 minutes spent will be well worth it someday 🙂Edit2

San Francisco Engagement Shoot

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I absolutely loved working with this couple! They had such great style. I’m offering 10 free engagement shoots to the first 10 people who email me. So let your friends know! Photography@aaronblumenshine.com



Sonoma Wedding Views

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I had the pleasure of shooting my friend Christine’s Wedding this year! She’s an amazing person and on top of that she managed to find a partner that is just as special! She had a beautiful Wedding and I feel really happy about this shot I captured of them. I hope you like it as well! 6P8A3123 copy2

Matt Guillory

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I recently had a session with the musician Matt Guillory. We had a great time and found out we both went to the same middle and high school. What a small world! I hope you enjoy this image of him! 6P8A4429 copy.jpg

Wine Country

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Had a great time in Northern California with Amanda and her beautiful family! We’re working a large art piece for her living room. I hope you like it. If you’d like to book a session, please comment or direct message me. I’m booking up to November right now.Print.jpg

Clever Baby

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I’m having a blast shooting the new ads for Clever Baby! I can’t wait to see these shots out in the world soon! Enjoy.


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I had a great time shooting portraits for a team from Ericsson last week. They wanted a classic portrait style and were very pleased with the results! If you work for a company that has team profile shots let them know that it’s time for an update! I spend some time understanding the look and feel your company wants and will bring in makeup / hair and clothing stylists to make sure everything looks on point!


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I had a great time with George and Glenda at Nestledown last weekend. They had a spectacular Wedding, I was very happy to be a part of the celebration! Congrats Guys!

Spring in California

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This year has been wild! Tons of rain and tons of  plant growth. I’ve been seeing at least 10x the amount of flowers and along with that bugs as well. I guess they call it a super bloom. I had a great time with the lush hills this spring, take a look! 6P8A2496 copy

I Love California

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I know I’m a native so it’s unfair to judge, but I’ll say it anyways. . . California rocks! 6P8A5757 copy